could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!



marbles running trough my head
click-clack talking rise til bed
never ending dialogue

marbles hooting click-clack calls
whilst shooting down white marble halls
rebelling some against the cleanliness of sanity

marbles singing click-clack songs
preferring first to write the wrongs
forgiveness sometimes riding on a melody

marbles holding click-clack races
up and down the marble faces
tracing paths among the monuments of memory

marbles writing click-clack lists
sounding more like little fists
beating drums

marbles tied in click-click sacks
wrapped in ribbon covered packs
keeping safe

marbles tumbling click-clack falls
bouncing round and hitting walls
all contained

until they're not.



I watch the river dance and weave itself
around each obstacle that pushes back
and wonder at eternity's simplicity.

The power surge that water brings
could rightly flatten anything
yet power chooses first to step aside
in peaceful search of rest.

To wander here and there
is not efficient and it's clear that
a to b is really not the point.

The peaceful route takes longer
and it looks completely foolish
but I doubt if hurry matters
or if keeping up appearances appeals at all.

Completely doubling back
upon the previously chosen path
retracing yet again the route it took before.
The river pushes on until some rock or hard place
stands and pushes back
and then it dances by
averting conflict with a wave and watery smile.

It seems sometimes like Maker placed each rock and crevice
just so He could trace a lifepath full of scenic routes.
Preferring most to squeeze in miles of going round and coming back
in twists and twirls that pretty much ensure revisit
to that very same position thought long gone.
Yet this time seeing that same hard spot from a victors view
the backside looks so tame as water gurgles on and looks behind
to watch the conflict float away.

River takes the Makers hand repeatedly each day
as willingly he gives up strength and capability
to follow down a different route
that calls for letting go of self determination
to choose the path less obvious
and find the joy in wandering.