could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!


25 things

1. I am highly intimidated by pressure to perform...and because of that...I get paralyzed and just can't. (even in the bathroom...just in case you were wondering)

2. I have a gross sense of humor.

3. I live in a house with four male persons...this makes life interesting when using #2.(the gross sense of humor...not #2 listed in #1)

4. Now, aren't you glad you tagged me?
Wait, that wasn't a fact about me...ok let me think....OH! I know....

4. I use... a lot. .........It just leaves you wondering. And I kinda like that.

5. When I am thinking, I stare. Sometimes...I stare right at you. Sometimes...when I am talking to you...I stare into space. It annoys me a lot. But I just can't stop.

6. I have an unusual ability to remember songs. Like hymns and stuff. But I may not remember all of it. And I often get the first part of the verse mixed up with the last part of another one.

7. I think that I could come up with a song that would fit anything that you may be talking about. You are talking...blah...blah...blah...and something, some random word or thought...will start a song in my head. It is kinda like living with a live background music feed in my head. (right now..."raindrops keep falling on my head")

8. I love kid books. Adult books are too...deep...or something. They bore me. Kid books don't waste so much time on description. I like to make up my own pictures in my head.

8 1/2. I cannot read anything without seeing a picture in my head. Movies based on books are not really fun for me because it messes with my own picture.

9. Things that I dream come true. A lot. I still do not know why God tells me this stuff. Sometimes I tell other people...sometimes I don't. I am continually amazed. Shocked. Awed. God is amazing.
(not everything I dream...just some things...but usually I know which is which...and then sometimes it comes true but not in the way I think it will...)

10. I fear that you are shocked...and unbelieving...about #9. This bothers me. I will probably think about it all day. How I wish that I hadn't typed that. Or how maybe it is good that I typed it. And on and on and on...

11. I am a little bit...or a lot...neurotic.

12. I hate small talk. I will dodge my very best friends if I only have a second to talk. Because I do not like to just say "hi". I want to sit and think deep things with you for long stretches of time. So, don't think I am mad at you if I ignore you. (I might be...but do not assume) Probably, I am dying to talk deeply with you but I fear a time constraint so I just avoid you.

13. It hurts my feelings when people cut me off. It also hurts me deeply to cut you off. This is why I avoid you. See #12.

14. I love to listen to my children play and talk to each other. I love this so much that I would rather listen to them than engage with them sometimes. Not all the time. but sometimes. They just say the most wonderful things when there is no adult pressure. I don't know if you understand that...but oh well.

15. I think kids...well adults too...learn better when they are not being "taught". I hate being taught.

16. Freedom. I love it. But I like rules too. So I can know if I want to obey them or not. But I like having the choice.

17. I like things really clean. That is hard with five kids. So I live with lots of messes because I cannot stand the thought of them growing up and going to counseling and complaining that there mom was anal about housekeeping. So I choose not to be...anal that is. You might be laughing now because I am living in denial. Please do not burst my bubble.

18. I adore my siblings. All of them. (I count their spouses as siblings) Ok I adore my parents also. And my husband. Well...of course my kids too. Yeah...all of em. I have been richly blessed. Oh and friends...I love them too. Adore them. Did I say I was blessed?

19. I hate the thought of leaving anyone out. IT bothers me a lot.

20. 25 is not nearly enough. You are going to leave here only knowing a portion of me. That bothers me. But makes me mysterious...and that kind of makes me smile....
but then...I long to be all "NORM!" I like to be known. I also like to know.

21. I read constantly. I stopped wearing contacts because I would have to keep up with reading why bother. Reading is my life. While I do not enjoy adult fiction...I love to read history and other books that other people would find snores-ville. I like learning.

22. When I look at landscape photos of water it really creeps me out. I am ok if I am there in person...but the photos...yah I get the chills...and not in a good way. (the background music always sounds like a scary movie)

23. all of a sudden I am completely stumped. pressure to perform...i told ya.
ok...thinking...thinking....background song..."bummping up and down in my little red wagon" is a Barney song....
oh...I do not like to eat. I am allergic to most everything. Eating is really no real pleasure to me. Probably due to a lifetime of feeling yucky every time I ate. So, if you are coming to my know where the kitchen is...I just do not think in terms of meals or satisfying loved ones with culinary delights. I do know how to appreciate a good meal tho!! Yes in deed. A really tasty bite just sends me. I am getting to the point where I almost embarrass myself with the mmmmmmm.....mmmmm....of it all.
If you cook something for really speaks to my love meter. But if I cook something for does not say anything about my level of love for not cooking for you does not say that I do not love you...if I cook for you it is probably due to guilt...or at least me knowing that you need to eat and I am fine to take care of that...but like scrubbing toilets...just because it needs to be done...not because I like it.

24. My family makes fun of me because I engage them in really deep conversations right before they have to leave. I don't mean to. It just happens. Maybe because (not so) sub-consciously I hate for people to leave. Like I said...I do not mean to do it. It just happens. I resist time constraints. So maybe this is a rebellion of sorts. Honestly, I am trying really hard to honor people and their words so if you tell me you have to not be shocked if I get your hat and coat and escort you to the door...I may not try to coax you ...or not think I am mad...just know I am trying to honor you. Because people in general stay even after they say they should go...and I do not want to be aiding and abetting your delinquency.

25. I really could keep talking for a long long long time. I would like to know all kinds of stuff about you...and would like you to know all kinds of stuff about me...but I am going to end with this.
My husband should write books about how to be a good husband. He is not any means ;-)
But he is the most honoring man and he constantly finds ways to support me. We were made for each other and I wake up each morning in delight that I could be so blessed. I am just going to cry now.
I just want you all to know this about him. I am not typing this because of something special he just pulled off...nor is it some sneaky way to get a better b-day present. (it is February 2...btw)
I am just saying it because. Because because because because because....because of the wonderful things he does...(sorry background music got a little loud there)

26. I cannot type because three times really fast. Nor can I say Irish wristwatch...three times fast. Can you???

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