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please read this and pass it on...please

I want to give you a short rundown on something I have just found out.

It seems that there is a biotech company called Senomyx that works with food and drink companies to find ways to enhance flavors in their products. If you look at their website you find that they are noble in their desire to reduce the amounts of MSG, sugar, sodium and other additives in products. They do this by using "isolated human taste receptors" that will react chemically with these new flavor enhancers in ways that taste tests alone would not.

What they fail to mention is that the isolated human taste receptors are from Human Embryonic Kidney cells (HEK) from a healthy, electively aborted baby.

They are using aborted human fetus cells to research ways to make your food taste better.

Read that again.

Some of the companies that use this technology...




Ajinomoto (leading maker of aspartame)

Firmenich (perfume and flavoring company)--think fruit juice, jelly, yogurt, etc...etc...etc...

I am really distressed.

I realize that I have no TV and maybe I am way behind the times in this issue...still...this is just so horrible.

I did not want to write this out as a crunchy granola eat healthy or die propaganda letter. I just wanted to let you know. Because I figured you would want to know.

Here is a link for a website that I do not necessarily endorse it just seemed to be a pretty concise summary with some links and further information.

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