could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!



"Love the people" I hear it in my heart but get confused by all my noise. People are so very hard to love.

"How can I just stand up and love them with your Papa heart?", I ask...not really wanting yet to hear the answer to the question I propose.

"Love them in the now." He says and softly He explains while I begin to listen.

"Not soon,

or when,

Not if

or then

but now.

Not judging actions as if actions swayed the vote.

Not holding back a part for later's full confession.

Not wishing something different or waiting til the better comes along.


The way we are in heavens eyes-

Like newly given love upon a sweet face freshly born of mamas womb.

Like starry eyes aglow with treasures sparkle.

Like first discovery and well worn comfort all wrapped up in one delicious bundle.


Love given freely-

Imperfection seen and cherished knowing strength for weakness triumphs yet again.

Love lavished rightly-

Hearts encircled fiercely in velvet gentle arms.

Love tenderly appointed-

One precious taste of being fully realized and accepted in sweet bliss.


In this moment,

for all you are,

or not,

You are Loved.

Deserving Fathers hand upon your head as surely as the sky deserves the wind.

The eagle soars, not wishing more or less than flight.

For flight is what it is.

Creature created and loved in completeness with all that is whole-

the Fathers heart.

We too, created, and deserving, not for any reason except for love.


We are loved.

He loves us.

Our Father-our lover-our brother-

At once sweetly cherished, fiercely protected, tenderly understood.

We are Loved.

If only our hearts could open a little wider.

To see our makers love for what it is.

To smile in the warmth rained down upon us

And know-

Truly know-

That beyond anything that was,

or is,

or could be-

We are loved.


  1. You know, Beck, I've never understood the idea of blogs before. I think I always thought they were an ad nauseum version of the Christmas family letter......neeeevvvvveeerrreeennndddiiinnngggg stories of Joey's last baseball game....but I like yours. I like yours because you have such a poetic style to you. It sounds JUST like what I write in my journals but mine would be deadly dull because it doesn't flow like yours does. I think you SHOULD write blogs when they are this well-written (not punctuation)but poetication (?). I like your blog.