could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!



what I know is this
when I can't hear or see or touch...
when my life is too big or too small...
when I know without a doubt that I am a faker in all respects...
I sit with Papa and I listen.
And sometimes it takes a while to hear.
But when I do the answer is always.
A steady presence that never wavers.
And tho I try to deny it.
I rage against it.
I holler at the injustice of it all.
Or weep at the insanity.
There may be other words added.
Sometimes redirection.
Sometimes refocus on the same path.
But to find that I am never...ever....alone
stills my heart.
And I can say "I trust you"
when I can't do anything else at all.

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