could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!


I like music

I like music
it is not messy
as can art so be
with throwing
colors on a canvas
or pots
music throws a sound
inviting you to catch
a cat and mouse
a freeze tag game
amongst the shadows
of your heart and soul
there is no cleanup after music
it just comes and strikes your fancy
never leaving bits or stingy things
to wrap around your toes
tho often strands of notes
and you may well find
the sharpest corners of your
all wrapped up with lyrics
that refuse to leave
i like music
from the sit down dinner crooning
to the bottom wiggling
finger snapping
bob your head
where you think that no-one notices
your quiet participation
but they do
but you don't care at that point
I like how the thumping of a sound wave
can shove aside a funk
how a lullaby can drop an eye
so dreams can come
and I like how a song
can hit your wake up heart
and set a color tone
like wearing flowered glasses
making all the world
a cooler place
because your feet are dancing
I like music
cuz its cheaper
and it doesn't take supplies
and you always have it with you
I like music
the end

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  1. I'm Kathy's friend, Katrina, and I've been enjoying reading your blog. By the way, I tagged you!: Eleven

    No pressure or anything, though. I had to tag eleven people, and yours is one of the blogs I actually read regularly!