could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!



Some days I want to just throw my hands up in the air and say "forget it!"
This isn't one of those days or I wouldn't be typing about it. On those days either I really can't function or I am in hyperfunction and I feel like a top in perpetual spin...not really going anywhere but major props for effort.

Today was a good day. A successful day.

I am in clean out mode. (not intestionally in case you wondered)
This cleanout is about stuff...too much my my life...stuff...
You might think this is about the new year and resolutions and junk.
no. I deny it.
I resist resolutions as they tend to irritate me worse than a wedgie in church.

This is about simplification. This is about order. This is about me being lazy and tired of cleaning up, over and around all the superfluous crappification that has taken up residence in my space.
It is a well known fact that if you have something then you have to maintain it. This goes for laundry, cars, tsotchkeys, relationships, money, houses, religion, yeah- everything.

So, my plan is to sell all my worldly goods, donate that money to the poor, grab a backpack and hit the street.
or not.
I am not even using this mental space to think about the spiritual ramifications of cleaning out. Tho I am sure some of that will happen. No, I am just talking about craft supplies, and books I won't read and toys that we don't like.

I gotta tell you, it is hard to let things go. At first.
I pick it up and look at it and hold it and think about it and put it down on my lap and pick up something else to look at and think about...repeat.
Until my lap gets too full of stuff and I have to make some decisions.
Throw away, give away, save.
Simple enough.
Until you see that my throw away pile is miniscule. I am no hoarder. I throw junky stuff away.
shut up. I saved those random game pieces in case we ever do an art project.

I guess a lot of this stuff could be given away but then what will I do if I find that I need facepaint or a cross stitch kit or mostly blank journal? I will remember that I had one and that in a moment of passion I gave it away and it is no longer available to me!!!
The world might stop.
I might not want to risk that ok?

Save it is. Reorganize it so that it fits into a smaller space. Buy new containers to hold it in a dignified manner. Shelving?! Toughtotes? Oh. My. Goodness.

Somebody slap me.

It takes a day or three to come to my senses. I start small. I reorganized the christmas decorations. I just knew I could whittle down and get rid of at least one large box.
I am proud to say that I weeded out three unnecessary holiday accoutrements (but added at least two dozen).
Hey...we made a bunch of really cute hand made ornaments this year.
In the end I did manage to get the existing boxes closed and it only took a couple of hours of repacking. sigh.

Now I am working on the craft closet. It was going great until the offspring saw my give away pile. sigh again.
We have done more crafts today than we usually do all year. isn't that the stuff I have is bad. It is just that it largely goes unused. It takes up space not only in my closet but in my mind. All those elements of creativity whispering their encouragements.
Encouragements that are really nothing more than thinly veiled threats and accusations.
Yes, the secret is out...things that linger around undone too long develop voices and taunt me.
Like you never. Admit know you hear it.

I avoid making to-do lists.
I prefer done-did lists.
This is where you write your list after. At the end of the day. When you are ready to cross things off immediately.
If you haven't tried it don't knock it.
A few done-did lists and you become a paragon of success.

So what did I done-did today?
I showered and brushed my teeth.
Made my bed.
Ate a nutritious lunch.
Sorted the craft closet.
Added to my give away pile.
Added to the trash pile.
Recognized that my closet was pretty organized before I even started.
Patted myself of the back.
Got a cramp as I realized how many more closets I have.



  1. "superfluous crappification". i think i love you even more today. "superfluous" is one of my favorite words. has been ever since george banks "removed the superfluous buns" and "refused to pay for one more thing he didn't need!"

    now, aside from the fact that george's little breakdown landed him in the county jail, i think he had the right idea. as do you. and I. in honor of the new year (not as a resolution) i would like to remove 2012 superfluous items from my home by the end of the month. i've removed 6 items thus far, including the 3 overripe bananas that i thought i'd make banana bread from.

  2. Kathy...I think you have a worthy goal. Let me know if you get that done. If, say, one bag holds 100 items you just need to get rid of 20 back or so of superfluous stuff. You can do it!
    ps...I think it is cheating if you count things like three bananas. (but I do support your mental health in acknowledging that you aren't gonna get to that b-bread) Actually, I have three bananas hanging on the little banana black can they get and still be useful? Cuz the ain't happnin.

  3. i will not count, empty cereal bag. i will not use that. i have no plans to use that. it is trash. i count the bananas because they could have gone into the freezer for that potential banana bread, thus taking up valuable space and increasing my guilt that i am not doing all that i had planned. i look at those three bananas as potentially useful, just like those craft supplies i got on clearance, but will now take to the school craft closet. i don't think the school wants my 3 bananas.