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keep your eye on the ball

Day two of the drawing challenge.
My favorite sport.
I am just going to assume that reading does not count in the category.
I chose to draw my "favorite" sport from my childhood perspective.
Encouraged to keep my eye on the ball, I concentrated on that sphere to the exclusion of all else.
I became one...with the ball.
I still suspect that stupid little cowhide was out to get me.

I once wrote a story describing my beautiful memories on the ball field.
click the link and rekindle all your nerd-loving tendencies. the story to know why I  title this piece...

Keep your eye on the ball  

 Perspective is a powerful thing.

Join all my drawing comrades...for the next exciting episode of....

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See you tomorrow!!

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  1. I was really good at becoming one with the ball... ball connected to forehead, ball connected to gut, etc.