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strike while the iron is hot

Day 16
A painful memory...

it started out a regular day
with wrinkles
on my face
from sleeping hard against the softness of the pillow
i found that creases deep adorned the dress
i had forgotten to prepare
the night before
when dreams began to beckon
or mom
with bellows sweet
issued the lights out call
that teenagers all
with passion hate
i felt the panic
on that morn
of being unprepared
so quickly pressed I on
and on and on
a never ending circle of cotton
standing between me and my bagel
i rushed
and made it just
as papa honked the horn
the pasted smile upon my face
a portrait of relief
more than happiness
we made our blessed destination
just on time
you can't be late for God you know
i sighed and thought about my lunch
and wondered bout a nap
but mostly just was glad to not be rushed

this boring tale you think is told
except the part that brings the pain
and this is where it really does pick up
that girl in all her hurry
quite forgot that neatness counts
and later when reminded 
to please refile the elements of her domesticity
she reached in haste
not for the handle but the metal face
and melted skin
against the heat of iron
still plugged in

a lesson learned in pain is never ever soon forgot
contrary to the oft repeated proverb
no matter what the hurry
always think before you act
and never...ever...strike while the iron is hot

Bye folks! See you tomorrow!

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  1. OUCH!
    It's interesting that both you, Bill, and I (the only ones that have posted this one yet) wrote about being burned. Bit of a theme going on here?
    (Ok, technically Bill wrote about about a car accident, but he talks briefly about burning his hand on a super-heated pipe).