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breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!



Let's hear it for long weekends!! Woo to the Hooooo!

I do not know posting etiquette.
Is it ok to post a million things in one day? Is it more obnoxious to post a million images to one post so it takes a bazillion seconds to load? What happens if I eat cheese really fast? Do owls have to make that obnoxious whooing sound every five seconds?
If you wear spanx and you pass gas will your sinuses explode?

You see, I am nothing if not a perplexing ball of questions with no answers.
I shall now attempt to compensate for my lack by showing you some pretty pictures...
I do hope that the loading time on this post has not caused your crevices to grow fused.

ok. First on the docket, Day 8 amusement park.
I am no designer. This is the lamest amusement park I have ever seen. the kiddies will be whining. Shoot, the husband will be whining. Run. Run from Fun World. Go get icecream and try to forget.
told ya.

Next up- Day 9 Spirit Animal
All I could think of was this...(cover your ears)
Which leads me directly to Day 10 and my hometown memory.
I was in the band. I played clarinet. We made posters. We guessed it...The BEARS!
And we had spirit.

I am flipping day 12 and day 11. Day 12 is a picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I drew me now cuz I am livin' the dream baby.
This is what my van would look like if I had one of those sticker thingys on the back. You would see my husband who actually has a goatee but for some reason my imagination store did not offer that option. You see me holding his had because we are in luv. Notice my birkenstocks. My daughter makes cakes and other yummies in her own bakery. My son has a fierce fro and wishes he had a laptop but since he does not spends all his free time gaming on a machine he built himself. My next son reads...a...lot. My next son is obsessed with bird watching...and with leaping around to get attention in silly ways (but never at the same time). And my baby girl is the princess with lots of interests but who cares when you are. the. princess. The other two creatures are dogs, not cats. We don't do cats. Just stupid looking dogs. Our real dogs are pretty.
got it?
So, day 11 would have me give my last request if the world were ending. My last request would be that it would end at my house first. my heart could not take it any other way.
I choose to joke. But I am very serious.

Day 13 is a photo of my favorite mythical creature. I took this just outside the window of my luxury shack on the beach on my private island. All mythical creatures live here in peace as we run a sanctuary for imaginary friends and all things misunderstood by the educated masses. We encourage quirkery here folks. Relax and enjoy yourselves.
If you do not know what this is I will most assuredly wonder for your mental health.

Lastly, day 14 brings with it my favorite fish. Koi? Walleye?
I choose Charlie.
I always felt a little bad for him. Such rejection. yet he kept on swimming.
(Did I just mix a fishing metaphor?)

I bet Don Hillson that I would be caught up today or lose my toenail.
No discount on my next pedicure thankyouverymuch!

I will try to be better about keeping current.

Bye folks! See you tomorrow!

Join all my drawing comrades...for the next exciting episode of....


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  1. ok, just realized that I left out day 14. charlie should be day 15. See the next post. It actually deserves its own page because it might sully this one.

  2. Just wanted to say, love the jackelope drawing.