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doodling around

Today we doodle.
Compulsory doodling is such an oxymoron.
You can't require spontaneity.
If you have it on the agenda then it can't be spur of the moment.
Trying not to think about it so that you can come up with something effortless and  fresh is just painful.
Truly, it's like saying, "don't think about that elephant".
So I over thought things, as is my way. Then my daughter chastised me, "you can't plan a doodle, mom."

Finally, I just reached in the far back part of my brain and yanked out whatever I could put my hand on.
Here you see what could be any of many notebook backs from 6th grade.
There is a small challenge here for you.
Can you decipher the clue pictures? (there are 5)
Can you make the housey thing with the x without picking up your pencil and without retracing a line?
The box is nothing but a box. No challenge but kinda cool.
The animals are just animals. Because I like you.
If this is your first visit, we are doing a 30 day drawing challenge.
Drawing challenge list.

Check out all the players.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I love the little zoo at the bottom. So cute. And the 3D square - there must have been one of those on every page of my notebooks in school.

    As for the riddle pictures (I think there were only two?) I figured them out, but I won't post spoilers on the off chance that someone's having difficulties with them.

    And I think, for the house, you forgot to mention that the you can't/shouldn't draw the same line twice.

  2. You are so right about the little house thing. I will go amend that. There are 5 riddle pictures. Between the box and the house and around the house.

    1. In that case, I have no clue for the other 3. I'll keep trying though.

    2. So are you going to give me a hint or what? :D
      The two I got were the two with words (you know, the easy ones).

    3. Ok, you got beat around the bush and six feet under ground. The others are...giraffe in a window, high dive, and washerwoman.

    4. Ok, I see it! lol Took me a little while, and a bit of creative interpretation, but I see it. :D Nicely done.