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Family Portait

The Family Portrait

the family portrait
a door in the wall
with scratching
and marking
to measure how tall
a race it would seem
tho the runners move slow
they all crow and look down
on the ones still below
then they turn their eyes skyward
and stretch to catch up
with the lanky fast growth spurters
sitting on top
til the sad happy day
comes too soon for us all
when the young ones pass mom
and mark dad for a fall...

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  1. Excellent drawing and bonus points for the awesome poem!!

  2. Love this.

    I plan to do the same with little Matthew once he can stand on his own. I'm thinking I might do it on something removable though, in case we move (again).

  3. If I move I will be popping this little piece of trim off the doorframe. I have heard of painting a yardstick...but I think any strip of trim would work fine. I have even used a paper on the wall but it does get a bit ratty. (nice thing about it is that it folds up into the memory box. )