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today the assignment was to draw something new.
I had some really great ideas. But the dog ate them. er...I am sure she would have if I had gotten them down on paper.
Anyway, I got to the end of the day with bupkis. (is that how you spell that?)
You see, I have been working hard on a party for my 6 yr old. A princess party. It is going to be fun.
I have been coming up with games that have a royal theme.
Pin the tail on the donkey (a party standard) just did not feel princessy to me.
Princesses don't do stable work ya know.
They are not above amphibian osculation tho.
This can be proven in classical literature.
 So I came up with a game.
Pin the kiss on the frog.
(Personally I think "amphibian osculation" sounds better but I don't think that would pass muster with the princess.)
Again with the anyway...I spent a good part of the day making a giant poster of a frog and many not so giant lips to press on him.
Then, when agonizing about my inability to satisfy the challenge of the day I realized that this frog was my salvation.
He is brand new. I just drew him. For my brand new 6yr old no less.
It's a stretch and I know it. But it will have to do.

If this is your first visit, we are doing a 30 day drawing challenge.
Drawing challenge list.

Check out all the players.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I like it, and that's a game I would play! I'd love to osculate me an amphibian.

  2. Best mom ever. Love it! I'm SO not into stable work either. ;)