could be anything. might be nothing. might make you think. could make you wish I would stop.
breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!


missing you

Sometimes a cry a little bit
and the tears fall salty
tho i'm thinking only of your sweetness
you are missed...

I miss chocolate. I have always been allergic to it but as I get older the allergy bites more so I cannot cross the line. Thus I cry.
Side note...did you know that the old Puritan women used to make one mistake(on purpose) in each of their creations because only God was perfect. Well, I did that.
Sort of.
I colored and I colored and I thought I got all finished and gah!!!
Oh well.
Can you see it?

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See ya tomorrow!


  1. Is it that you forgot to color the wrapper around the heart shaped chocolate?

    Of all the things to be allergic to, you picked chocolate?! ;) Man that sucks. I'm sorry.

    Love the drawing. I'll take the two dark ones in the middle, please and thank you. :)

  2. ~sigh~ That's unfortunate. I guess that saves more chocolate for me. ;) I'll take the pink one, of course!