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breathe people...everything is easier when you breathe!


turn, turn, turn

Today we had a drawing challenge that accosted me mentally.
I really despise questions that require introspection without perspective.
Don't get me wrong...I love to navel gaze. I love to think deep swimmy thoughts about the whys and wherefors  of my current pertaining to my past.
I just don't like to answer on the spot questions about my inner workings. Gosh, that is just kinda like being asked to sit onstage while they play video of your most embarrassing moment on the jumbo tron.
(Reallly, hope there weren't any cameras around on that day.)
Alrightythen, for this challenge I chose to think outside the box.
Turning point.
Here ya go.

Sad to say, my children did not know what I was drawing. I said merry-go-round and they laughed at me.
Merry-go-rounds have horses. Duh.
So what do you call this thing?

If this is your first visit, we are doing a 30 day drawing challenge.
Drawing challenge list.

Check out all the players.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Your children are wrong - that is indisputably a merry-go-round. The best kind, in fact!

    On the horses, you control nothing, you go up and down, slowly round and round.

    On this type, you grab a bar and hold on for dear life as your friend Johnny runs as fast as he can around and around, pulling it with him, until someone flies off and breaks something or gets sick.

    That's what we call REAL fun.

  2. LOL Once again, I second what Don said. THAT is a merry-go-round! I preferred to be the one running, not hanging on for dear life then puking my guts out.

    You're pretty good at introspection, just not on stage. Nope. You're definitely not my drama queen friend. Way to be creative. Again.

  3. Agreed. Carousels have horses. Thanks for bringing to life the slight queasiness that I think we all felt with Day 11 :D

  4. Thanks guys. Queasiness is right. In my day we called this the puke machine and ran full out to get there first at recess. My inner ear is no longer functioning properly but hey, what's a little cochleal dysfunction when you're having REAL fun!