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Today the topic of drawscussion is "favorite word".
What is my favorite word?
Long ago I would have told you that my favorite word was ranger.
I guess I still kind of like it. Not in a Ranger Rick way. More in a 14 yr old girl forest ranger man in uniform hearts and flowers kind of way. sigh.
Favorite word.
It would be way easier to come up with a least favorite word. I could probably spend all day making a list.
I have two that top the list. (actually, if we are going to get technical, these are phrases)
cutting edge.
state of the art.
Just hate em.
Let's move on shall we?
This word hit my head as I sat and mulled. It fits me perfectly when referring to the word wielding part of me.
I am a word snob.
I am particular.
Tight in puckered kind of way.
I will put back a birthday card because it said beautiful instead of lovely.
I will reject a song because it says "you're the best" and blasts me out of my worshipful reverie.
Words matter.
So my favorite word. At least for today...
Click to get a closer view.

I would just like to say that this word does not necessarily apply to other aspects of my personality.
Only word choices.
I chose to let the y have its own little quirkiness.
Just owning the notion that in my word world fussy does not mean uptight. Just precise.
That's me.

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See ya tomorrow!


  1. my daughter would like to say that this word might apply to some other aspects of my life.