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30 day people challenge - alien

I felt a little panicked when I saw the topic for this post. I might have sent some not nice thoughts in the general direction of our list maker.
Throwing caution to the wind I mentioned my writing task to my minion crew at dinner. I told them it was hard. Actually, I think I said "haaaard" in a whiney voice just like the one I tell them to never make. I mostly complained because there was just not enough ways to put interesting words onto my favorite alien. They just blinked at me.
My problem was that I was thinking too small. They helped me broaden my perspective.

The only alien I could think of was Marvin.

What can you say about Marvin?
Ineffectual little guy wailing about the lack of an earth-shattering-kaboom.
See...not much to say.

My children told me that was a stupid idea and gave me some other suggestions.

In no particular order...
The Alien in Alien
Any from the Star Wars or Trek series
My Favorite Martian
Men in Black
Close Encounters
Dr. Who
Mork from Ork
there are lots of them.

I sighed. Now the job was too big. How could I possibly pick just one?
I sat and thought and then....

He is my favorite. Maybe it is just because I can do a killer impression.
Doesn't matter. The heart knows what it wants.
I love you Edgar.

Need. more. sugar.

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