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30 day people challenge - my dad

I want to tell you about my sweet Papa.
Some call him "Sugar Pops" because he calls everyone "Sugar". He can't help himself. He comes from the deep deep south.  Panhandle of Florida.
Suthurn Al-bama.
If you were raised in the deep south, and you were raised right you talk sweet. You talk gentle and genteel. You know that it's not only what you say that matters.
It's also how you say it.
Down there they swallow their words to the back of their throat and when they greet you they don't talk, they purr.
That Southern talk, all coated and dripping with sweetness.

Mama told me that one time Papa got in trouble with a waitress because he kept calling her by that sweet name.
"Thank you, Sugar."
"Sugar, do you think I could get another piece of that pie?"
From the mouth of a proper Southern gentleman, those words hold power.
That little waitress thought he was flirting with her and she got a little irritated that my mama was just sitting there letting him go at it.
Mama just laughed. Daddy didn't even catch on that anything was amiss. He didn't mean anything by it. Sugar was just his normal.
His sweet normal.
Accompanied by his million dollar smile, his "Sugar" can make you feel quite special. Even when you know him well and you realize that everyone he greets gets to feel that same way. You know in your heart that he is sincere in his calling out to you.
Your "Sugar" is, in that moment, for you alone. It makes you a better person.
Sweeter anyway.
Or maybe he just calls em as he sees em.
When he smiles on you it is love you feel. Sweetness like sugar.
It's his specialty.

If you haven't felt particularly sweet lately you need to come meet my "Sugar Pops".
I promise, it'll make you feel better.

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