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30 day people challenge - fictional movie character

 I suppose it is no surprise that my favorite movie character, Joe, comes directly from the scenes in my favorite movie.
Joe vs The Volcano

Joe is a man that is just fed up with life. His job sucks. His private life is non-existent. His spirit is gasping for air. Finally, his body seems to just give up.
The diagnosis is grim and terminal.
There is nothing left to do but die.

Joe is given an option. He can die alone and miserable or he can make his last days worth something.
He is offered the use of a no-limit charge account to use however he pleases as long as he makes it to a remote island to offer himself up for sacrifice to appease the volcano God before time runs out.

Of course Joe chooses to go out with a bang. (click the link!!!! click it!!)

What we see is a transformation of Joe. He stops living a life that is unending in its doldrums. He begins living his life with the knowledge that each moment he has is a gift to be treasured.
It seems like embracing his finality gave him the power to recreate and to enjoy his present reality.

I love Joe because he is so very real. He crushes my heart with his tragedy but then he swells my heart to bursting with his awakening.
He begins a journey of living as he travels closer and closer to his impending doom.

You will have to watch the movie to see what happens. I will only tell you that Joe reaches a new level of wonder with each obstacle he faces. (click the link!)

One word of warning...this movie is quirky and existential. This is not a "christian movie" that will tell you all the things you should do to get your life right with God and your spouse and your local football team. If you want that then you need to go find something made by Kirk Cameron.

This movie is about finding yourself. It is also about losing yourself and also about loosing yourself.

I will end with my favorite quote of all time. Also from this movie.

"I have no response to that."  (and the link)

Please do yourself a favor and watch this movie. Let your spirit watch and know and understand even if your brains don't really get it.

Joe is my hero.

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