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Somewhere inside me a tiny child resides. She loves to think of fairies creating and sustaining all of nature. The boring, grossly religious "grown up" still whispers that fairies are a little bit pagan.
Fairies do not in any way diminish the thought of God.
What a small deity He would be if He could not deal with the fanciful imaginings of life.
My heart delights in the thought that creatures could exist that paint the flowers and create the wind.
What if fairies came in all sizes? What if the tiny ones keep the pollen and the giant ones shoot the arrows of lightning? What if microscopic fairies danced on the breezes created by the wings of fairie creatures so large that they cannot be seen at all?

What if fairies and angels are the same thing?
I like this thought. A lot.

Disney did a really good job playing with the ideas of fairies and their world. Since I have a little girl I am smack dab in the middle of fairie world.
I love it.

I just wish I had some fairie dust.

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