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30 day people challenge - artist

I love me some good art.
That said, I simply do not have a favorite artist. I appreciate all kinds of art. This is not to say I appreciate all "art". Just many varieties. Mostly, I appreciate all kinds of artists.

My favorite artist is the sincere heart just letting it all hang out.

I do not know that you can judge art and talent with the same scales. If you try to put parameters on art it becomes regulated and uptight. You get followers who rapidly become disciples and as the call to fame begins to whisper you sell your artistic soul for a few schmancy reviews and a corner in a marble hall.
People dissecting your inner turmoil. You getting paid to put your crazy on display. Worse, people deciding which of your marbles are worthy of a cocktail party because your loony "speaks" to them.
Actually tho, I think I would like to be an art critic. (If I could remain anonymous and get paid a bunch of money) It would be fun to critique things that people call art and throw around words like existential and au courant.
I could go to fancy parties  stay home in my jammies and surf the interwebs for the newest and brightest and then I could rip them up oneside and down the other for the pretentious posturing and juvenile approach. Or...and this is the fun part...I could praise all the little guys that no one looks twice at and raise their stock by a thousand percent (while they are still living) just because they caught my fancy.
Would I enjoy pointing fingers and snickering or praising just because I feel like it?
Have we met?
I would revel in my power.

I think everybody (including me) just needs to calm down and see art for what it is...expression.
I think that art is just expression. Therefore artists are just people expressing themselves. Most of the art I have seen in modern art exhibits reeks of crazy. Skill does not necessarily come into play.
It just seems like the artist burped up a hairball and hung it on the wall.
I do not believe there has to be "talent" involved in art. Just crazy large kahunahs.

 Is there talent in this?
Isn't it wonderful?!

I believe that no sane person ever becomes an artist. 
This statement does not in any way disparage my love for artists in general.
You have to release your tight hold on "reality"and "propriety" if you want to truly express the things going on inside you.
I admire the ones that can get all that out there.

My favorite artist is the one that just is. No rules. Just heart.

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