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30 day people challenge - The POTUS

Subject today, The President of the United States. (take this sentence and compare it to my title for today. Ahhhh, now you get it.)

Everything I know about  the potus I learned from 11th grade government class and current episodes of Madame Secretary. Well, I guess that isn't exactly true.
I also learned a lot from Hollywood. I can tell you exactly what potus will do if/when we are attacked by aliens or threatened by large meteors.
Maybe there is not much more to say.
I am going to give you my sometimes ugly opinion of the potus. You can take this opinion straight to the bank and get nothing for it because opinions are cheap and easy. Add in a healthy portion of uneducated bias and you have something worth exactly zero. I don't really do politics.
I'll bet you can tell.
In my opinion, if you have reached the level of presidential candidate you have sold your soul to the devil in form of the political machine. This makes you untrustworthy mostly because you are naive enough to really believe that you can effect change once you sit in the oval office. If you are nice and decent then you are a pawn for the party. If you refuse to believe that you are a pawn then you are a cog twisting in your place as the machine goes round and round about you. The gods of political opinion run your career and since you have already sold your soul to get this far the only thing left to sacrifice is your secret cache of ideals. Those things you swear you will not compromise but find yourself offering up on the alter of the party line both to ensure the public's credence and your party's political good will.
I do not believe the potus has any real power in our country. Well, except the power to gum up the works. It seems that potus reigns on a throne of decisional ambiguity. His terms of service seem to be primarily centered around creating policy obnoxious enough to get everybody just upset enough to sustain the current news cycle.
Also, can I just say that if you are in the potus position (or aspire to such) and you believe that your marital indiscretions (past or present) are hidden from the press and public then you are the highest caliber of moron and should not be trusted to know the appropriate time to push any button besides the nurse call on your adjustable bed.
Now. Let me tell you how I really feel.
I feel that the potus must genuinely have the most difficult job in the world. You are looked upon to be the beacon of diplomacy and the watch tower of democracy. You carry the weight of a thousand wars upon your shoulders as you pivot among the nations at peace and in distress. You wade through countless hours of advice and entreaty knowing that whether or not you truly wield the power, the buck stops at the presidential seal. You are the yes man, and the no man, and the let's wait and see man that knows whatever you decide is thoroughly going to chap more than half of the hides involved. You can't please any of the people most of the time.
That must suck.
I do not know the true ins and outs of running a country. I am glad that there are people willing to do that horrifically difficult job. I am glad that there are potus aspirations among the hearts and minds of the politically elite. I hope that those who serve realize more their responsibility to decency than their commitment to power (or the powers that be).
I do not have a solution for my cynicism. Somewhere, deep down, I think I have a small belief that the system works somehow. Maybe I just want it to be true. Whatever, I am just really really grateful that the potus is not me.
I hope that my joy in not having to do that job overcomes my *ahem* negativity towards the ones who seem to be pulling it off.

Hail to the Chief.

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