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30 day people challenge - crush

Journal of an 8 yr old.

Jason told me that he liked me. He is the nicest boy in class and even tho Kelly is the nicest girl he likes me better. I don't think anyone knows. Tomorrow I will save room for him at reading.

Today Jason gave me a nilla wafer. We both like history the best. When I look at Jason I feel funny.

I got new shoes. They say JCP on the label. I think Jason's middle name is Paul. My initials on our towels will be RCS. Jason Paul Carter is a nice name I think.

I like playing tag at recess. I always can catch Jason but nobody else can. I'm probably getting faster since I got new shoes.

I wish I rode bus 7. Jason and Kelly and Cindy get to ride together. I have to walk. Jason waved at me from the bus window.

Mary is so stupid. She found my notebook because she was snooping again in my stuff. I wrote I love Jason about a million million times. She told mom that Jason is my boyfriend and now they won't shut up. I don't care anyway. I will get her for this.

Laurie says she will paint my fingernails if I get all the old polish off. Jason will think I am so pretty.

We will get married and have 4 kids. I hope he likes girls but we can have one boy to call Jason Jr.

The last day of school was so fun! We had a picnic and played games all day long. I can't wait until September to be in 2nd grade with Jason and Kelly and Cindy. I hope our teacher is nice.

We are moving back to Oklahoma this week. I will write letters to all my friends when I get there. I will spray some of my sparkly perfume on Jason's letter so he will know it is from me. I miss Arkansas already.

I met a boy named Deon today. He is very nice to all the girls and to me. I don't know any names of anybody. I think Deon might like me. Tomorrow I will save room for him at reading.

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  1. I love this post! "Mary is so stupid." She'll get a kick out of that now. ;) I repeated this process many times as a kid. Being waved at from the bus by your crush? Best. Feeling. Ever.