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30 day people challenge - me

 Ahhh...we have come full circle.
I started this challenge with a pull from my blog archives. A completely narcissistic tongue in cheek maybe a little bit true poem about moi.
Now we end with a post about me. Karma.
(kinda wishing I hadn't already used that poem.)

If you read this blog journal at all then you know me. I am a glorious mess! Nah, that sounds too southern "bless her heart". That is so not me.
I am not self deprecating or humble or obtuse.
I lean more towards arrogant and aware of my awesome.
At the same time tho, I am fully aware that I am not all that. I am just all and none. Me.
I am actually just a regular person in every way. I like to think of myself as unique...and I do know that there is no one like me exactly but I am also so very very regular.
There are people like me. I find them sometimes and it makes my heart so happy when I do.
I am not alone.
I am known and understood.
I do not have to have exacts in order to be part of the group that shares my weird.

I was raised to believe that I must become nothing to honor my creator. I no longer believe that. Not for myself. Not for you.
I was created to be full of myself. Truly! I was made to be aware of the beauty placed inside of my self. I was created to love that place inside of me. I was created to love that place inside of you!
I have come to realize that it is alllll about me. And that it doesn't stop there. It doesn't stop there because when you come to the place that you love you and see you and appreciate you find that you also love  and see and appreciate the people around you.
Funny thing...Jesus said "you love me because I first loved you".
He also said "love your neighbor as yourself".

Is it possible that I love you better when I love myself? And that I love you because I first loved me?

That sounds far reaching and certainly far preaching. I don't mean it that way.
I am just sounding off about me.
I am learning not to be scared of myself. In that journey I am finding that less afraid I become the more loving I become.

Tis a puzzle.

I am done here. I wrote the things all month long and I am done.
I hope you liked our little challenge.

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