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30 day people challenge - someone who makes you laugh

I love to laugh.
Laughter tickles me in the center of everything. Like in the very center.
That place that seems out of reach in the everyday suddenly becomes accessible.
Sometimes it is a gentle murmur that giggles up like a wiggly puppy.
Sometimes a shock that rocks my stable mundane look on life.
Often unexpected. Maybe even nervously unwanted. Still, release and relief.
Always a powerful combination.

My favorite kind of laughter is the one that bops you over the head with its irreverent mirth.
No boundaries.
Just delight.

My children bring much of this type of laughter to my life. No boundaries on these offspring. They say the things they think and in my opinion their thinkers must be both mad genius and comedic warlord.
Makes a mama proud.
To walk though life with beings that continually reveal the soft underbelly of your decorum...
That is an adventure.
To try and keep a straight face when that creature has tipped over your giggle box and is dancing on the shards of your dignity...
That is the life.
To wake and know that today you will laugh, more than once and inappropriately at best...
That, my friends, is really living.

My children make me laugh.

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  1. You need a like button on here so I can click it about 100 times. :-)

  2. Yes! What Tracy said! And for the record, your children's antics crack me up too! ;)