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30 day people challenge - musician/band

If you ask me who my favorite musician/band is I will say, "Huey Lewis and the News" every time.
If you ask me why, I will say,"duh".
If you do not agree with me then we probably should no longer try to be friends.

The thing I love about Huey...his big band sound.  I love that his songs have a big sound and crescendo in all the right places. I love how I can picture the brass section standing up to deliver a big punch.I love that sound.

I love how you can hear his lyrics. Understand them. They tell a story. 
They make you laugh. They bring you in.

I love how his songs pick a feeling and recognize the universality of that emotion. We all get to share.

"Don't need no credit card to ride this train."

Huey Lewis. He's my favorite.

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