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30 day people challenge - family member

Let's talk about brothers. I have three so I consider myself well versed on this topic. My brothers are all older than me so I did not get to experience "little brother" madness. No, I got the crazy that comes from large creatures messing with your life both for your own good and, no denying, for their own big brotherly delight. They were good brothers. They bossed me. They teased me. They tricked me. They loved me. Who could ask for more?

Wanna take a walk down my memory lane?

Laundry day. Mom told them to get the laundry put away before she got home. At the tender age of five I did not realize that them convincing me to use my wagon to "deliver the packages" was their big brother way to get the job done without actually doing any of the work themselves.

Spin machine. Three brothers stand in a circle and put baby in the middle. Brothers spin baby around and around until her eyes start wobbling. Brothers take large steps back until there is much room between them. Brothers call to baby sister and laugh hysterically while she drunkenly attempts to walk toward them. Baby falls down often. Brothers laugh their fool heads off.

Sing with the feeling. Ahhh, the summer of  '73. The music was loud. The headphones were almost bigger than my baby head. They would turn up the juice and tell me to sing. "Sing with the feeling!"
I must have sung it real good. All I remember is a loud chorus of "Country Roads" and the image of my brothers rolling around on the floor with tears in their eyes.

Shark attack. Brothers make good babysitters. What could be more responsible than sitting your young charge down in front of "Jaws"? Sometimes brothers go around the house and turn off all the lights. Then they hide and call out to the baby sister to come find them. In the dark. After watching people getting eaten alive. Brothers make good babysitters.
Big brothers let baby sisters sit on the open tailgate of the pickup as it drives down the highway.

Big brothers fuss at baby sister for saying "Jiminy Cricket" because everybody knows that is just a by-word for "Jesus Christ".

Big brothers show you how the speedometer can go past 100 if you cheer really loud.

Big brothers give you glasses of straight lemon juice and convince you that it is yummy lemonaid.

Big brothers show you how to spit.

Big brothers convince you to open the jar. The jar they have all just farted into.

Big brothers send you flowers when you star in the play.

Big brothers call you just to say hi.

Big brothers travel out of their way to get to you. Because you need them to.

Big brothers will always be full of crazy mad goodness.

Big brothers become friends.

Baby sisters love big brothers.

dedicated to Dale, Keith, and Kevin. Much of my crazy belongs to you.

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