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30 day people challenge

I logged into FaceBook like I do every The first thing that I saw was a post from my friend Niki. She always posts fun, irreverent, and pithy (not necessarily in that order) things that make me laugh, blush, and think (not necessarily in that order).
Today tho, this post title "30 day people challenge" made me cringe.
30 days of people.
I panicked a little bit.
Then I read the next sentence and saw that this was not to be a "do hard things" call to action. No, this was just a challenge. A thinking challenge. A writing challenge.
Thinking is something that I do sometimes.
Writing is something that I like to do but lately seem to never get around to.
I think that I would like a call to more thinking and writing.
Challenge accepted my friend.

At the front end of a 30 day anything there is always a wave of optimism  and energy.
I'm gonna ride that wave and see how long it carries me. Kowabunga dudes!!
No pressure.

Here's the challenge in Niki's words.

Here we go!
The Challenge:
For the month of November, write at least a paragraph about the person listed for that day. Include photos, drawings, lyrics, funny anecdotes, whatever you want. Keep it clean.
The List:
  1. The person you love most
  2. Someone who makes you laugh
  3. Your mom (Or mother figure)
  4. Your dad (Or father figure)
  5. A family member besides your parents
  6. Favorite teacher
  7. Best friend from childhood/high school/college
  8. Best friend now
  9. Someone you had a crush on once upon a time.(You don’t have to share their real name.)
  10. Someone you wish you could forget
  11. Someone you admire
  12. Your neighbor
  13. A beloved child in your life
  14. Someone who challenges you to be who you are
  15. The President of the United States
  16. Someone you mentor
  17. Someone who mentors or inspires you
  18. A fictional character in a book
  19. A fictional character in a movie
  20. An artist
  21. A musician/band
  22. A favorite actor
  23. A favorite actress
  24. An author
  25. Your favorite alien
  26. A coworker
  27. Someone you only know online but would like to know in person.
  28. A historical figure
  29. A random person (This is like the “free” space in Bingo)
  30. Yourself
Kicking off the challenge:

Time for some fun! Won't you join us?

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