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30 day people challenge - online friend

This is a little bit of a cheater. I do actually know this person in real life but I never get to spend time with her because Colorado and Texas refuse to be close together. 
We met in college. She was a freshman twerp. I was an upperclass badass with a fiance. We didn't really run in the same circles.
My loss.
We got done with college and went our separate ways to live life. It wasn't until 20 something years later that we reconnected online.
Facebook is a good tool for re-connection.
I found her in a random comment.
I think she mentioned something about her non-traditional doctor or maybe her spirit-filled church experience?? Whatever it was, it caused me to send her a private message where I layed  out my heart in a very non-committal way and asked her some question or other to see if it was safe to proceed with conversation.
That is always so scary, that first reach out. Alcohol would make it so much easier.
Does anyone but me feel the pain of sending a message that is not answered?
The agony.
( could be inserted here that blogging with no reply on the end is the same kind of torture. hint. hint.)

She answered.
I don't remember it feeling painful in those first rounds of friend discovery. She is good like that.
We seemed to click right off. If either one of us was bluffing I don't know or remember.
I don't really understand how two people with such different lives could think so much alike.

She is my friend. I run to her for encouragement and for painful truths I do not want to hear. We talk long about the scary places where our hearts seem alone and we find companionship even when we do not share that particular dark alley. Together we explore the high mountains of theory and explode into the Eureka! moments as we begin to really understand how much we have never understood.
We are friends.
I thank the internet for this connection. Maybe snail mail could forge a friendship like this but it is doubtful. We seem to need our real time bounce off each others heart and mind. A growing of thought that happens as fast as our fingers can type. It works.
Maybe it would not work the same face to face. Maybe we would not have the time we devote to our click-talking. I can type while all the world is screaming around me. My family life would not really be conducive to full-day coffee meetings like we share over the interwebs.
Still, it would be nice to be neighbors in the borrow a cup of sugar sense.
Until that happens I will be content with my online friendship. It means so very much to me.

Thank you for being my friend. You know who you are.
I treasure you.

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