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30 day people challenge - fictional character in a book

There is a set of books that I just adore. They are called Tales of the Kingdom.
They are allegorical stories of the Kingdom.
They follow a child named Scarboy and we follow along...
" as Scarboy and his friends boldly follow the one True King to overcome the evil Enchanter and his tenacious hold on the oppressed residents of Enchanted City."

There is one character in this book that stands out beyond the others.
His name is Ranger. His name is also Caretaker.
Caretaker is the one who has created and cares for the beautiful park where Scarboy finds refuge.
At times, Caretaker is seen as Ranger, the defender of the park and all who dwell within.

Caretaker swells my heart. He is described as laughing as he breathes life into the flowers that dance around him. His heart is all about caring for every thing that needs care. He jingles as he walks because of the many tools he caries as he strolls along doing the things that need to be done. He knows when his world is in disarray and he calls on those who dwell in his park to come to his aid to assist and protect anyone in need.
Caretaker lives within the gentle persona of a kindly old gardener until...
Until the need comes that reveals Ranger.

Ranger is the mighty arm of power in the beautiful park. Ranger is strong and able to defend all in need. He is the one to call on when danger is near and hearts are crying in terror. Ranger is revealed through the fire. Ranger summons his warriors from among the peaceful dwellers of the park and through fire reveals their awesome power.
Ranger lives inside of caretaker as caretaker lives inside of him.

The two never contradict each other but work in unity to restore peace and bring healing to every need.

When I first encountered Caretaker and Ranger I felt my heart swell with an understanding of God that I never had felt before. He has changed my perspective on everything.

Please read these books. I cannot give you words that adequately describe their goodness.

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