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30 day people challenge - historical figure

I cannot stinkin believe that I am in the home stretch of this challenge and I can't brain enough to think of an interesting historical figure. I even googled "random historical figure" because you would be surprised what Uncle Google knows. There was this personality test and I took it to see which historical figure fit me best.
Not the turtle...the inventor/artist guy.
Bow. Ring. 
Since my brain is tired I am afraid that writing about any historical figure is going to sound like a 5th period essay assignment. I must not let this stop me.
I am just going to free associate for a minute to see who comes up and what things I know, think I know, learned in college, heard from my teenagers...6 degrees to Kevin Bacon.
Bear with me.

Genghis Khan- conqueror -something like 87% of the worlds population shares his genetic material.
Marie Antoinette- french empress? - lived in excess while her people suffered.
Bonaparte.- French
Benedict Arnold- not french but for some reason I always think he is at first thought
Benedict Cumberbatch - because obviously
Carlie Simon- why? this must be some subconscious connecting mechanism at work
Simon Legree- Claim to fame from Rogers and Hammerstein's, The King and I
George Washington- cherry trees and bad teeth
Abraham Lincoln- February birthday and referenced in The King and I
Some guy that crossed the Alps with elephants (Hanibal)- Again with the King and I
Erik the Red- viking, great beard, explorer and conqueror
Pocahontis - thinking about the New World
Lewis and Clark- more explorers - men needing directions - women baling them out
Clark Griswald -stupid men needing help
Cleopatra - powerful women
Charlie Chaplin - brain blip
that's it. That's all I got.
I cannot explain the train of thought.

I love history. I have never loved history assignments so my mind is rebelling.
I will end with this...history seems to be so subjective that I tend to sit in suspect. This kinda steals the fun from it for me. What I prefer is historical fiction. I like it when a good writer takes a character and fleshes out the times and dates with emotions and reactions. I enjoy the what-ifs. I believe that the best way to understand history is to put yourself into the pages of time and live those moments with the characters at play.

Some time later I may revisit this topic and flesh out some historical...probably biblical...scenario.
For now, please accept my lameness and lets move on.

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