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30 day people challenge - beloved child

Hello pumpkin,

I am writing this note today to try and use words to explain the hugeness of my love for you. It won't work you know. Words refuse to mean all the things I know inside my heart about you. So, just let me try and hug your heart a little bit with these thoughts. Then we can snuggle up and not use words because that is better anyway.
I have loved you from the beginning of time. Before I ever even knew you. I know this because I tried to measure my love for you and it would not fit on any measuring stick in the entire universe.
It was too gigantic.
By the time you were born my love was about ready to explode my chest with yummy goodness. I held you for the first time and I knew in that moment that these arms were made to hold your preciousness. You were a squishy ball of delicious. I could not stop looking at you and wondering how I could have ever lived without knowing you.
I have loved watching you grow every day. You get a little bit bigger and you seem surprised when the things don't fit anymore. It seems like a mystery every time it happens. But I know that feeling of things getting bigger and bigger and bigger. That is my love for you, Chiquita. It keeps on growing. The thing is, you can never out grow this love I have. It will continue to grow with you, every day, forever.
I love your laugh. I love how you get so into the laughing that you squeal the sounds that only dogs can hear.  I love your evil mad scientist laugh and your howl of delight when you pound your brothers in a video game. I love your giggle when you play a joke. I love to laugh with you. Let's do it all the time.
I love your sense of style. I love how patterns become neutral background as you combine eye bursting combinations of color. I love how you ask for advise on an outfit but choose with your heart. I love how "look at me" is an adventure and it makes me smile because your fashion pairings truly show your joy.
I love your business ideas. Combination tea shop and art palace with massages while you wait. Nail salon that comes to the customer. Indoor lemonade and cookie stand. I am always hoping that some new customers will magically appear so that you can truly flex your artistic skills. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us.
I love your thankfulness. There is no-one in the world who is more thankful than you. Any small present is oohed and ahhed until I almost feel guilty that your gift came from the dollar store. I love that your heart says thank you. I love that you are thankful for time and for hugs and for the thoughts that never materialize but that you seem to be able to sense. I will tell you a secret, it makes me want to be more, give more, do more, just to see your delight.
I love your spice. Even tho I ask you to redirect it sometimes, I love how passionately you feel about everything. I love that you stand up to your brothers. I love that you have the best ideas ever, every single day. I love that you leap upon your daddy and hug him fiercely. I love that you watch every move and argue and continually learn from your sister. I love that you sass your grandpa in a way that only a dearly loved and appreciated granddaughter can. I hope that you never tame that tiger inside you, Baby Girl.
I look forward to sharing life with you at full speed.
My love for you is way too big to write down. The words simply cannot wrap around you the way my love does. Still, I hope you hear all this and feel all the love that is so so very much bigger than the world or time or space.
I hope you know that even tho you think you will someday outgrow the baby name you will always be my child.
Always. Always. Always.

I love you, my Little Petunia Sweetie Pie.

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